Bangladesh celebrates 17th System Admin appreciation day at Dhaka on 29th July evening. Usually, the appreciation day exists to show appreciation for the work of sysadmins and other IT workers. It is usually celebrated on the last Friday in July.

This time, for the second time at Dhaka, Bangladeshi system administrators gathered to celebrate the system admin day. Forty of system administrators who work  in different industries like Bank, ISP, Telecommunication, media, apparel, software, NGO etc. exchanged their view for betterment of Bangladeshi IT system administration culture.


Systems administrators, usually who look after Hardware, Operating System, Storage solution, backup, cloud, virtualization & assist Network/DB/Application administrators effectively. They keep our IT operation live on 24X7X365. From capacity planning, mid night  phone calls, rebuild 12-year-old server that uses more power than your whole house, system admins do it all. Critical Solutions like airline , hospital, banking etc. would not be able to thrive without the networks, services, and tools that allow for communication and collaboration, and system admins are the ones who work thanklessly round the clock throughout the year.

System Admin Day 2016 was organized by Bangladesh System Administrators Forum (BDSAF). Founding advisers of BDSAF Jobayer, Ahsan & Tanim coordinated round table discussion which was held on a local restaurant of Dhaka. Throughout the discussion, a lot of good bullet notes are addressed like security awareness, online webinar in regular shape, workshop, professional networking, soft training skills. Discussion environment was alike town hall meeting.

Titas Sarker addressed to emphasize job vacancy awareness through the community which needs essential soft skills like CV writing, interview skills etc. which can be improved or trained by BDSAF for local communities by subject matter experts. Murad shared his freelancing experiences for IT system administrators and he briefed how a local system administrators can be globally skilled resource. Raskin shared his experiences & briefed the importance of system admin – network admin – application admin coordination.

Round table discussion was interactive & participation oriented. Panel agreed to launch a 2 days mega event on coming November for local IT administrators where industry experts will show IT trends.

Round table discussions intend to fill three objectives in short run: 1) Build System Administrators Network 2) Exchange Knowledge & 3) Aware communities (Students, IT Professionals) about system administrative perspective.

Rony & Alamin coordinated the total arrangement.

Later, Town hall ended by cake celebration!!