System Admin Appreciation Day celebration!


July 31 is System Administrator Appreciation Day, a day for all of us to express our undying gratitude for System  admins. Globally, last Friday of July is recognized to celebrate System Admin Day.

Systems administrators, usually who look after HW, OS, Storage, backup, cloud, virtualization & assist Network/DB/Application administrators tightly. They keep our IT operation live on 24X7. From capacity planning, mid night  phone calls, rebuild 12-year-old server that uses more power than your whole house, system admins do it all. Critical Solutions like airline , hospital, banking etc. would not be able to thrive without the networks, services, and tools that allow for communication and collaboration, and system admins are the ones who work thanklessly round the clock throughout the year.

This time, for the first time at Dhaka, Bangladesh system administrators gathered to celebrate the system admin day.

Fifty above System Administrators from different sectors like Mobile Operators, ISP, Banks, NGO’s, Software company’s, service providers gathered to celebrate the day at town’s BRAC center In hall. Like town hall, individuals introduced each other & put their ideas to build a new community named Bangladesh System Administration Forum.

Couple of weeks ago, few Industry lead System Admins took initiative to celebrate System Admin day on focus to build Bangladesh system admin networks, to exchange knowledge & aware local community aligned with Government nationwide Digital IT vision.

Bangladesh Government and Private business entities are moving towards to build Digital Bangladesh. Government has already taken few  initiatives to ensure Digital Bangladesh. Government took initiative to build a four-tier data center , high-tech park which need IT infrastructure experts in coming days. Locally, Dhaka has a lot of skilled system administrators who are practically experienced in linux/windows/virtualization/storage administration. If they are patronized and guided properly, they can be asset for big projects as well as can be pioneer in freelancing or outsourcing sectors.

One of the initiator of newly formed System Admin Forum , Jobayer, Sr. lead system admin of BRAC was showing the vision of Forum. He says, unitely, Bangladesh IT sector will be benefitted if good networking of system administrators align as a team. Forum intend to exchange technical leaders experience formally throughout any conference or workshops. Already, five hundred administrators joined in a online group whereas two hundreds registered to be member of forum.

A day long conference will be organized by sys admin forum at the end of August where latest technology & cloud,storage,virtualization,security operations will be discussed by local experts.

Primarily, forum intend to fill three objectives in short run:

1) Build System Administrators Network

2) Exchange Knowledge

3) Aware communities (Students, IT Professionals) about system administrative perspective.

Later, townhall ended by cake celebration!!

Ohh! Next year, system admin day will be celebrated by a day out program which will consist of fun, no technical discussions.

Wait to see a good output from a IT community forum of Bangladesh